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Thread: New Designer!! Big News.... Doing The Happy Dance!!

  1. New Designer!! Big News.... Doing The Happy Dance!!

    You all may be aware that she stepped away from the Supreme Team II Contest..but didn't really know why.....

    Here's why... Brandiwest has become an Exclusive GDS Designer!!!

    We are thrilled to have her join us!

    Please help me give her a big 'ole welcoming aboard Congrats!!

    Here's a peek at her very first Exclusive product here at GDS and we'll look forward to seeing much of her wonderful talent!!

    Color Me Happy

    which you can find here in her store
    Once Again, Welcome Brandi to GDS's Designing Team!

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    Thanks Debra!! I am so excited to be designing here!! I hope I can give everyone something they want!! I am ALWAYS open to ideas and suggestions!!

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    Congrats and wonderful news Brandiwest

    I look forward to what you bring to this wonderful site..

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    Apr 2007
    Amish Country, Western PA
    WHY didn't you spill the beans, Brandi!!!! Congratualtions! I'm thrilled that you're gonna be a designer!!!

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    Apr 2007
    Hmmm, I was thinking something like that might be up. And all I can say is YIPEEE!! Yea, Brandi - it will be so cool to have your stuff here! I'm off to the freezer to thaw out my credit card to buy some more stuff - oh wait, I don't have to do that 'cause I have PayPal - gotta love Paypal!
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    Congratulations Brandi!! I've only been here a couple of weeks as a designer, but it is awesome! Good luck with everything!

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    I was sooooo right!!! Guessed thats why you were leaving the contest!! Congratulations!!!

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    Hi Brandi beautifully, which is also you now thereby!

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    Apr 2007
    Amish Country, Western PA
    Ohhhh Brandi ......

    Does this mean that you're gonna have to be judging now???? .... 'Cause I woudln't wanna be in your shoes if that's the case!!!!

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    Thank you guys so much for the welcome!!!

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