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Thread: Hello There

  1. Hello There

    I'm Muskaan from.... far far away

    I've been keeping my eyes on this site and the courses since last month.

    now as I've managed to sign up in December, I'm a bit confused.

    thought to take ideas/suggestions from you people.

    Shall I start with the beginner course? or shall I complete the paper making and then go for the beginner course?

    not sure..

    Any ideas?
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    The paper making class depends on a lot of what you have already learned in the basic Illustrator and Photoshop classes, so I'd recommend you take those first. Unless you are well-seasoned with those two programs, of course.

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    Hello and welcome to GDS.
    Like Dona said depends on how seasoned you are with your program. I started with the beginner classes and am working my way up.

  4. Thanks alot for your kind suggestions :)

    I'll start the beginner's course this month!

  5. c...

  6. Can we not pay through visa card

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muskaan View Post
    Can we not pay through visa card
    You can set up a PayPal account to use your VISA card or your bank account, as you wish. PayPal is the easiest way to do payments online, very secure.

  8. My country is not listed in Paypal


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