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Thread: Ask questions here...

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    Ask questions here...

    Post any questions you might have about any of the lessons here and I will reply with an answer. Make sure you tell me what lesson you are asking about and what page in the tutorial you are having trouble with if applicable. I generally check questions several times a day. If you notice a delay in getting your question answered, I am probably pondering the best answer for you and will post as soon as possible but don't be afraid to ask again in case I missed it. The forum is suppose to email me when there is a new post but rarely a question may end up in my spam folder. Also, I am not online on Sundays so I answer any Sunday questions on Monday. :)

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    Lesson 4b - Glitter

    I'll confess straight up that I've skipped forward a bit as I need to make some glitter asap... sorry:(

    My question is that when you are creating the texture for the brush you show satin as a texture but I don't have that appear in my textures. Do I need to look somewhere else for it? Also you have a minimum depth set of 25% but I couldn't set minimum depth as it wouldn't make it available.

    Sorry to be so dense. I'm using PS CS5 Extended on a pc running windows 7.


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    Question bumping

    I'm just posting again to say I have a question re the satin texture for the glitter styles. My original question is above.


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