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Thread: *** New Contest! ***

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    Does it have to be a new layout? I already have the perfect layout for this.

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    Michelle, it is a new challenge. Perhaps you can redo your layout using the pictures you like.

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    What a great challenge!

  4. But.. but... but.... I have so many already done!!

    Well, as you can see, this challenge is right up our alley. There is NEVER a dull moment here. Like I woke up this morning to find that the shepherd had chewed off the drain valve on the hot water heater and let it drain all over the floor. But the pictures wouldn't be very pretty - lol. I'll have to put my thinking cap on and see what we can come up with.


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    These are just great Jayne. I'm sure you always have a huge "stash" of photos with your extended family that are ready to scrap!

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    All these dog layouts are sooo fun!! I can't wait to see more pages! lol
    Great contest Darlene!

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    Just over a week left ladies! Would love to have a chuckle or two. Let's see your funniest layouts!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Darlene Currie View Post
    Just over a week left ladies! Would love to have a chuckle or two. Let's see your funniest layouts!
    OH man.. these layouts are hilarious... hope to see more!

    What a great prize for the winner too!

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    This is a LO I had recently done for a challenge on another site. These photos of our little granddaughter crack me up, so I reworked it with GDS products to post here. That she just bent over and went to sleep is pretty funny, but the thing that really made me laugh is that she has a large plastic coat hanger in her lap!!

    Can You Sleep Like This?

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    Here is my layout for the new contest. hope one of my photos is not too extreme. If so, just let me know and we will remove it or re-do the layout. These photos were all taken on some of our vacations. We always have a good time, especially when we travel with our friends. Perhaps you can see why. I used Another Year Older, items by Christy Skaggs, and the font Ephesis.

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