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    Here is my LO

    Colors of Autumn

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    Just took a peek at the layouts, awesome! You all did a great job!

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    Wow - awesome so far! I've got a ways to go on mine. Good thing I added a little extra time!

    Thanks ladies, I know it's late for our Eastern participants, but you've done a super job. Thanks for participating. I can't wait to leave some love in the gallery!

    Lone - you don't do the daylight savings in Australia? Must be a North American thing. BTW, thanks for using one of my kits! You're a sweetheart!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darlene Currie View Post

    Lone - you don't do the daylight savings in Australia?
    Yes we do.. In it now I think.. have you gone to standard time yet? .. I don't think so.. when we (Australia) are in DST and you are in ST.. then we are 7 hours behind you but for us it's already tomorrow. Make sense? LOL.. IOW.. we're 17 hours ahead of you.. :)

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    Here's my layout from our recent trip. Thanks for a great SS, Darlene!

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    Beautiful layout Dona. Do you guys ever stay home? You've got the most gorgeous photos from your trips! Love it!

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    Got mine done!

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    Your pages are all amazing!!
    Thanks for hosting the speed scrap Darlene!
    Here's mine:

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