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    I love a good speed scrap! I'll try to be here too Darlene!

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    That's midnight my time but I'll put it on the calendar and see what happens! I miss speed scraps!

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    Don't forget about the speed scrap tonight! I hope you can all make it!

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    OH, USA
    I am looking forward to it!
    do we get a hint -- maybe a theme or how many photos?

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    I might be able to participate. Cewtainly need to get back into the scrapping habit and not time better than the present :) Thanks for offering, Darlene :)

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    Hi ladies:

    I thought I would get this thing going a little bit early, in case some of you are going to be tight for time. First off, let's explain this a bit!

    Here is the basic Speed Scrap info:

    Starting at the top of the hour, I will post your first instruction, followed by 1 more step every ten minutes through the hour!

    At the top of the second hour, I will post the last instruction and then you'll have 1 additional hour to finish and post your layouts.

    Some important things to remember to make the Speed Scrap go a bit smoother:

    The instructions/steps are all pretty self-explanatory, but also remember that you can interpret them creatively. I'm not a drill sergeant! Do the best you can on the instructions, but don't freak out over them. Be creative! Please don't stress - remember this is for fun!

    Go Digital products are NOT required, but of course, we love it when you use them!!

    I will re-cap all the steps/requirements at the end of the hour in my first post of this thread.

    We will do the chat in this thread. I've had the odd problem lately with the chat room, so to make sure everything runs as smooth as it can, we'll just chat in this thread.

    There will be a posting bonus for everyone and I will draw one lucky winner (through to win a $5.00 coupon to my store. I will use all the thread posting numbers in this thread.

    HERE IS YOUR FIRST INSTRUCTION, so you can maybe get a head-start on what we're going to do:


    1. Choose 2 or 3 photos with bright or vivid colors (enhance them, if necessary) and three or more papers (that coordinate with your photos). One must be solid and two with patterns.

    See you at the Speed Scrap!

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    Thanks for the heads up on the speed scrap. I'm on a very slow internet connection, and also an underpowered laptop, so being able to collect the photos and papers ahead of time helps.

  8. I have never done a SS, but sounds like fun. I will give it a try.

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    Ooh, please do. My first one I was a little nervous, but it ended up being just super and I had nothing to worry about. I actually surprised myself at how it turned out considering we had only an hour to do it!

    Quote Originally Posted by kat4dogs View Post
    I have never done a SS, but sounds like fun. I will give it a try.

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    Feb 2007
    OH, USA
    thanks for the hints and head start!

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