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  1. buy books or print pages?

    So I am trying to figure out what the best way is to display the pages I will be creating. I love doing 12 x 12 pages but if I print i cant print in this size. Any ideas??? Thanks for all your input!

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    Hi Amber! Welcome to digital's addictive! Some people who scrap in 12x12 resize their pages down to 8x8 so that they can be printed out at home. There are albums at the various craft stores in this size. I personally don't print at home...I don't have the best printer in the world, ink can be expensive if you're printing a lot, and some of my layouts lose some detail if I size them down (journaling can be hard to read, etc.).

    There are many online printers that specialize in scrapbook page printing, either individual pages (which is what I do), or pages already bound into books...GDS offers a printing service right here in the store, or you can Google Persnickety Prints and Artscow. Watch for sales and coupons as this can help keep the cost down. Others will be along with more ideas, I'm sure!

    PS. Since I started digi scrapping I have done well over 200 pages and have actually printed out less than 25% of them, lol! I started a blog to put my pages on for friends and family to look at, and then print out the ones they want hard copies of.

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    I am like Angie -- I make a lot of pages, and dont print many of them out.
    I share them online with familly and friends, and for special occassions I will put some together in a bound photobook -- my husband's first father's day had all photos of my daughter with him, a preschool album, a mother's day album for my mom.

    someday I will get organized and print more, but right now I am happy to share them digitally.

    Usually the books I have put together are for gifts -- one of these days I will make something for myself, and keep it!

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    I do have photo quality printers including a wideformat printer and have been printing at home. The LO's for my grandkids I have resized down to 8 by 8 and even 6 by 6 and printed them at home with great results. the smaller albums are much easier to them to handle. I have been giving them each their own album as a Christmas gift for 4 years now. This year I have orderd photobooks for all 3 of them...77, 74, and 52 LO's in each book. I have also ordered a photobook of the LO's I did of my parents life (54 LO's). I just placed the order for the first 2 from Shutterfly last week, and they have been shipped. They had a great special - buy one, get 2nd at 50% off, as well as another 40% off of the entire order, plus free shipping on orders over $25.00, so this made it affordable.
    The other 2 I ordered from Scrapbooks Please who had a buy one get one free special going on. The limit for pages in a Scrapbook Please album is 60 pages.
    The Shutterfly one can have up to 100 pages. The Scrapbook Please site is great of scrapbooking LO's as this is all they print. They offer 12 by 12, 8 by 8, or 8.5 by 11 options, and one cover option in 2 colors. No resizing of the LO is required. Shutterfly offers many more options in books, as well as you don't need to have pre-made LO's done...just upload the photos and the rest is done for you. (just doesn't work so well for my premade LO's, maybe there is a trick to doing this that I didn't find yet.
    I'll post again when I have my 4 photobooks in hand.

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    I personally don't like the books. I like making pages and get them printed out. I would say that I have made close to 600 pages and I would say 80% of them are printed out and in albums. I started printing out 12x12 prints but soon changes my mi nd to 8x8's. There are alot of places that will print 8x8's out for .99 cents. I take m ine to a local place and they print mine out for a whopping .40 cents!
    Yes, this is addictive. I am an addict and I love that I have captured my childrens lives so one day, they will beable to cherish their childhood and remanence(SP)!

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    It's better to print them in photobooks. It's not bulky. It's neater. =)

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    I like the photo books too. I dont get all my pages made in to books, but I have made several special books, like my dd's preschool year, a vacation album, a first year album for my niece.
    One of these days I will get all my layouts organized and start picking out the pages I want printed.

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    I do a mix of photo books and layouts; it all depends of where the layout is going! If the story is self-contained, it gets printed in a book.
    So, for example, our Christmas this past year with all 3 children, their spouses, and our 4 grandchildren was made into a book. I had copies printed for everyone; it was 20 pages and the perfect size. Other examples of books are vacations or graduations. I also give my children a book for Christmas with layouts of the grandchildren from throughout the year.
    As for the layouts that I print as 12x12, those will go into our yearly albums, along with my P365 layouts. That way I can add to the album as I make and print more layouts.
    I really really really like Persnickety Prints. As for the books, either Shutterfly or Snapfish are just fine. They both have great sales; get on their email list! Just remember that your photos and elements shouldn't be right at the edge, as you'll lose some detail with the bleed area.
    I highly encourage you to print! You'll be amazed at the lovliness and so happy that you spent the time and you'll enjoy it all over again.

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    Don't know if you are aware, but GDS offers 12 x 12 Premium Printing Services!
    Check it out!

  10. Hello there, I love your phorum . Is there something I can do to receive updates like a subscription or some thing? I am sorry I'm not acquainted with RSS? Best regards!

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