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  1. What You Need To Get Started In Digital Scrapbooking

    Congratulations on making the big decision to GO Digital!

    So, let's get started!

    Equipment/Software needed for Digital Scrapbooking:
    • Computer with at least 256 KB RAM; Mac or Windows operating system.
    • Digital Imaging Software that supports layers, such as Corel Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop / Photoshop Elements. (Note: All of these have 30 day free trial downloads ). Another new and free package to try out is called GIMP.

    • Photos available on your computer system, either by scanning or by importing digital photographs.
    • The Welcome Kit you received when you registered here!
    • Tutorials! You can find tutorials here.

    Optional Equipment/Software helpful when Digital Scrapbooking:
    • Organizing software: ADCSee is the perfect solution for this task. Find out more information and download a free trial by clicking on the image below.

    • Photo quality printer and photo paper, if you want to print your layouts.
    • A Wacom Tablet for fun & artistic use as well as easier extractions, etc.
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  2. Hi,

    I just registered. How do I get the free kit? Am very eager to get started.
    Thanks + regards.


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    Lisa, I think it comes to your email address .

  4. Yes that's correct Melanie. The welcome email you received from us has a link to download the welcome kit :)
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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    can't remember getting one, off to check the email.. sure hope I kept it..thanks

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    I just registered and your site sent me an email that had a link in it to the free kit.

    This is actually my first post here! Nice place! I'm just searching for info!!

    Thanks Much! I did drop off some bucks too!! ;) lol! I had to! I just had to!

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    Hi Joni, welcome!! We have a free daily download program, so make sure you come back to get that too, those will give you a great start to play with digital!

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    I just downloaded the 30 day free trial of Paintshop Pro. I'm eager to get to know this program. Currently I have FxFoto but it doesn't allow for layers, etc, so I'm on to new and better things!

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    Hi Yin, thanks so much for the "welcome" and thank you for letting me know about the daily download. I was not aware of that either.

    I *did* want to invest in templates, so I purchased a set of, I believe 9 or 10 templates here too! They are adorable ones for children and I *had* to have them when I saw the car on the "road". My Grandson (only Grandbaby until he becomes a big brother around Thanksgiving!) is in love with cars and trucks now! I figured that templates would be one of the best or easiest ways to get going and can't they always be used, no matter what the layout, leaving certain layers off? Was I correct about that?? I hope so! If not, I will certainly always be able to use them with him and/or the newer Grandbaby that will be here if it's a boy.

    I look forward to meeting others here!

    Quote Originally Posted by yin View Post
    Hi Joni, welcome!! We have a free daily download program, so make sure you come back to get that too, those will give you a great start to play with digital!
    Joni at the NC coast

    New to digi-scrapping but I'm trying! I love digi-shopping but I'm attempting to learn as I go. When I learn PSPX (not sure which of "us" will win!) I should be able to handle things. I'm trying though... I'm trying... I am... trying... I am...

    Me learning PSPX: ---->


  10. Joni... your poor poor signature.. I hope it's going better for you! If you have any questions or are stuck on something just holler... we've got some awesome psp'er guru's around here!

    I'm so jealous your a Grandma... I can't wait!

    oh and on the templates.. yep, you sure don't need to use every layer :) so you can make good use of them.

    Also, the quickpages are even easier if you can find a theme that will work. I know we need more "kid" friendly quickpages and look for those coming soon!

    Anyways, great to meet you!

    Edited to add this link to Alice's wonderful Tutorial for using templates with PSP:
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