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Thread: new to digi scrapping

  1. Talking new to digi scrapping

    Hello Hello!

    My name is Amber and I have paper scrapped for many years. I cant get into it anymore but I still want to cherish the memmories of my kids. I decided Id like to check out digital scrapbooking but I am not really sure where to start.

    I am guessing it will be cheaper than buying all the embellishments and paper and glue. Is this an accurate assupmtion?

    Id love any tips or links anyone has for me.


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    You're certainly right! Check out the tutorials we have here, as they will help you get started on your digi layouts, and with how to post them in the gallery here. The tuts are located under the "Resources" menu in the top green bar on this page. Some are videos, some are other information. Have fun, and let us see what you create!

  3. for the pages that are everyone creates... Do you print these pages and put them in a book or what???

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenliesmom View Post
    for the pages that are everyone creates... Do you print these pages and put them in a book or what???
    That's what I do ... you can use the same page protectors and albums, too. If you don't already have the software ... my suggestion is to go to and download the trial version of PSE8 or 9. Then, use the tutorials here to get started (the top menu => Resources => Tutorials).

    If you get stuck and have questions ... post and someone will try to help.

    If you discover that you like it (oh, and you WILL) ... you might want to consider one of Andrea's classes. They are self-paced ... which fits ANYONE's schedule.

    Hope to see you posted in the gallery soon!

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    hi there
    glad you found your way to GDS and our digital scrapping community
    i started digi-scrapping when my daughter was little and i couldn't bring
    out all my supplies and get crafty

    digi-scrapping certainly saves space and i love the fact that you can
    re-use elements again and again. i just never got used to cutting my
    pretty papers and not seeing them again. and, the undo button is a
    life saver.
    on the other side, you will need space on your computer to store your files
    and treasured creations, but I love the fact that my husband can't "see"
    my supplies and I am the only one who knows they are there!

    good luck!

  6. I already have macromedia fireworks so I am hoping I will be able to learn and use that program. Id love to do 12 x 12 pages... so Ill need to see if its even possible to print those.

    I dont have to worry about the space.. I have pleanty of it.

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    welcome to the community.. !! can't wait to see your gorgeous pages!

  8. WELCOME to GDS!!!

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    Welcome to our community. Hope you like it here.

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    It is definately cheaper since you can use stuff over & over again. You can't change colors or re-use paper supplies & there is definately not an "undo" button when paper scrapping. With digital, you can start more than 1 of the same page & then decide which you like better or use a picture many times on the same page.

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