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    Speed Scrap - Friday, Sept 24th!

    I'm hoping everyone is getting back into a routine now that school is back in session! I thought it might be nice to make a little time for something we love ... scrappin'! The best way to accomplish this is a Speed Scrap! I hope you'll join me!

    If you want to participate ... meet me back here in this thread next Friday night.

    Holly will be providing this posting bonus, and one lucky participant will win a $5 coupon to Hollys store!

    I hope to see you there ... I mean here!

    I hope y'all had fun last night! I had a ball!

    PMs have been sent with your posting bonus which is a coupon to snag the Fall Whispers Add On by HollyAnn Designs - it is just TOO CUTE!

    Oh, and Random.Org selected #194 ... which was a post by:


    Congratulations! Watch for a PM with your $5 coupon to HollyAnn's store!

    Thanks again for playing along!


    (1) Select TWO coordinating background papers. Preferably these papers will have a light pattern ... no SOLID papers. Choose one to be the background or bottom paper, then place the second on top leaving about an inch of the bottom paper showing on one of the sides -- this could be the right, the left, the bottom or the top ... your choice!

    (2) Select ONE photo and place it on your page. Feel free to add a treatment or technique to the photo ... for instance, depending on the colors and patterns of your paper choice ... maybe a black and white, or a sepia- toned photo would look best. Or NOT ... it's up to you!

    (3) Select some sort of frame for your photo. Traditional frame placement is fine, but feel free to be creative ... like placing the frame behind the photo instead of over it. Again ... it's totally up to you!

    (4) Grab some elements that will coordinate with your papers and the photo, and cluster them closely around the photo and frame. As many as you like ... or as few as you like ... totally up to you! Are ya experiencing a zen moment ... ahhh ... speed scrapping with no stress!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

    (5) To further define the edge between the two papers, grab a piece of lace and layer it between the two ... let the edge of the lace peek out from underneath the top paper ... and, to polish the edge further, grab some sort of stitching and place it on the edge of the top piece of paper - close to the lace edge. OR ... just lemme see some lace and stitchin' somewhere on your page ...

    (6) Create a title!

    (7) Last step: Add any additional journaling needed (you know I'm big on journaling, right?!), and date your page!
    You have one additional hour to complete and polish up your layout ... add shadowing and any additional embellishments that will make your page your own! Post you layout in the Speed Scrap gallery => HERE -- and link it back to this thread so we can leave ya some love!
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    Austin, Tx.
    Oh I want to come!!! Hopefully all the stars will line up for me!!

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    Great, I hope to be there!

  4. Woo HOO!!! I will put it on my calendar. How much fun! Thanks for hosting this Lisa!

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    Marking my calendar, hopefully I can make it.

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    Sounds like fun! I haven't been to a SS in forever!

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    Whoo - sounds great - what time Lisa - I have commitments on Friday afternoon and I'm Pacific time. I hope I can make it!

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    Darlene .... I'm on the east coast ... so it'll be 9pm for me. I think that means it's 6pm for you but I'm not sure. I hope you'll be able to attend!

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    i have marked my calendar :)

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