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    Aug 2008
    Northern Louisiana
    So far, so good Lisa. Thanks for hosting this tonight. It's been way too long since we've had a good speed scrap.

  2. Got my photo...

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    All ready for step 3

    thanks for posting it that way. Also I realized you update the first page each time too. Thanks

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    Here are the steps so far:
    (1) Select TWO coordinating background papers. Preferably these papers will have a light pattern ... no SOLID papers. Choose one to be the background or bottom paper, then place the second on top leaving about an inch of the bottom paper showing on one of the sides -- this could be the right, the left, the bottom or the top ... your choice!

    (2) Select ONE photo and place it on your page. Feel free to add a treatment or technique to the photo ... for instance, depending on the colors and patterns of your paper choice ... maybe a black and white, or a sepia- toned photo would look best. Or NOT ... it's up to you!

    (3) Select some sort of frame for your photo. Traditional frame placement is fine, but feel free to be creative ... like placing the frame behind the photo instead of over it. Again ... it's totally up to you!

  5. It's always hard for me to chat & scrap at the same time. Not that good... LOL

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    I love speed scraps. I was bummed that I miss Holly's last month for the birthday bash. I had so much going on that day.

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    Is everyone doing ok?

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    yep!! =)

  9. Yep....

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    Aug 2008
    Northern Louisiana
    You really are making it easy so far Lisa. I'm waiting for the axe to fall. LOL!

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