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    A cry for support and votes

    As many of you know, I am currently a designer somewhere else. I am participating in this year's Designer Survivor and have made it to the final ten. For this week's reward challenge, we had to design a black and white mini (4 papers/elements) and put it up for voting.

    I am asking (actually it is closer to begging) that some of you meander over to my blog before noon tomorrow* and then vote for my mini so I may win immunity in this week's challenge. I would love to make it to the final round and every vote helps.

    This is the link to my blog, which will take you to the voting link, and a link for downloading my mini. (I know it is a bit roundabout, but I don't want to link directly to another scrapbooking site.)

    Thank you all SO MUCH!

    *The poll is only open until noon tomorrow.

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    Voted, Stacie! Good luck, Girlie!!!!

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    OK Good Luck!

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