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Thread: My layout is getting published!!

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    My layout is getting published!!

    I'm so excited to say that one of my layouts (from a current designer from this store) is being published into a book!!

    I'm not at liberty to say (isn't that always the case) ... but I did want to say that I believe the store and designer will be mentioned in the book too!) Woohoo!!
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    Congrats, that's wonderful!

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    Carolyn - that's fabulous news! Congratulations, you do such excellent layouts. Can't wait to see your layout and the publication. Way to go - Whoot Whoot!

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    AWESOME, Carolyn! Congratulations! I know you're excited, but I assure you that your layouts are wonderful and the publishing is well deserved! I am super excited for you!

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    That's awesome news Carolyn!! You're layouts are all amazing!! You
    definately deserve this!!!

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    Great news! I can't wait 'til we find out the details!

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    CONGRATULATIONS! How wonderful for you.

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    Carolyn! how awesome!! and so well deserved!! You're layouts are always so artful! How great your talent is being recognized!! Congrats!! :)

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    What great news -- can't wait to see the who, what, and where too

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