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Thread: Thank you!

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    Feb 2007
    Northern Utah, USA

    Thank you!

    I've had a great time with the classes this month! I'm still going to be around answering your questions as you finish this class and I've got some homework to look over in the gallery still. If you enjoyed the class and have time, I would appreciate you giving the class a review. You can do that here:

    If you are interested in signing up for the intermediate class, it starts soon and you can sign up here:

    The classes are on sale through July 7!

    Here is a little blinkie for you for completing this class:

    Thanks again for a great class! I'll still be watching and answering your questions as you finish the class.

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    Dec 2007
    Belleville, Illinois
    Thanks Andrea. I plan on doing lesson 4 this weekend. Babysitting for a 1 month old has slowed this old Grandma down this month, lol.

    I love the classes, and do plan on signing up for the Intermediate.

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