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Thread: Lesson download links

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    Lesson download links

    Hi everyone! I'm so glad to have you all in the class! Here is some basic information about the lessons:

    There are 12 lessons total and 4 weeks for the class. The lesson links are posted below for each week for you to work on at your own pace. You need to complete 3 lessons per week in order to keep up with the class. The lesson tutorials are readable in the free adobe acrobat reader. You can also make comments in the free version and save them right with your file using the comments tool. If you find that the comments tool is not working, let me know right away.

    If you have any trouble downloading or get any corrupt files, try downloading again or try using a different browser. Let me know if you have any troubles with the download by posting a reply right here.

    Submit your homework to the class gallery here:

    This is a public gallery. Be proud of what you are doing and enjoy any comments you might get from the community as well. They usually have no idea what the assignment was and are quite curious about what you did so enjoy their comments. You can say when you post the assignment what you were suppose to do in the comments area so the community understands a little more. Also, there is no need to post a link to the homework. The gallery emails me whenever a student posts a homework assignment in a class gallery. I check the gallery submissions regularly. :)

    The lessons have a username and password to download. This is not your forum username and password. Enter the following for both username and password when prompted:

    username: psbeg02
    password: psbeg02

    Remember, do not enter your own personal username and password. Use the above password for both the username and the password to download. It's a good idea to copy the username/password to your clipboard or write it down before you click on the download links.

    Week 1 download links:
    Lesson 1a:
    Lesson 1b:
    Lesson 1c:

    Week 2 download links:
    Lesson 2a:
    Lesson 2b:
    Lesson 2c:

    Week 3 download links:
    Lesson 3a:
    Lesson 3b:
    Lesson 3c:

    Week 4 download links:
    Lesson 4a:
    Lesson 4b:
    Lesson 4c:

    Let me know if you have any trouble with the downloads and cannot download after retrying and using a different browser. :)

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    Got all downloaded. Thanks

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