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  1. I don't paper scrap at all now, though "some day" I need to finish the albums that are waiting, as they will be only half the story if left as is.
    I am with you, Liz, I like to create digitally, print and use, and as stated earlier, I also do it the opposite way. Keeps things original :)

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    I had just started out doing traditional scrapbooking when life got the better of me in form of a severe illness which made it impossible for me to carry on with this hobby. When I had recovered I was looking for something new to fill a lot of spare time with and my BF told me about digiscrapping. I started looking around and found a couple of sites I liked. All I can say: I've been hooked ever since!

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    its so much easier to digiscrap isnt it- i still do the paper scrapping but not many

  4. Quote Originally Posted by cee View Post
    its so much easier to digiscrap isnt it- i still do the paper scrapping but not many
    It is easier for me... especially with a 10 year old daughter at home who uses all my supplies (lol..especially my expensive flowers and alpha letters!) and boy do we make a mess!

    Now she scraps digitally too and can have as many flowers and alpha letters her little heart desires! and the things she does with the styles button, omgoodness!

  5. I first started thinking about going digital about a month or two ago. My mom has over 25 photo albums that she has asked me to scan in so she can share them on FB. Some of my family mentioned that they like to do DS, and gave me some hints... so, here I am, totally enjoying myself.

  6. Fantastic and welcome. It is great fun playing with photos and lots of reasons that make it convenient and easy. Some tips - check your facebook settings so you don't share with the whole world and backup everything in lots of places. If you scan all those albums put them on discs as well and give to a few people so you know there are copies.

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    I started dig-scrapping as a way to spend time with my mom. She lives in WA, and at the time, I lived in FL, so we chatted while we scrapped. We've even done a few contests (for fun!) together. Now it's become my husband's favorite way for me to spend time on the computer. LOL
    ~~Julie P.~~

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    Why did I go digital? Well, I have never been into the so called traditional scrapbooking, but I have been making cards and atc's (artist trading cards) for many years now. That is something I enjoy a lot.
    I think I started digital scrapping by making photoshows on DVD. I enjoy that too and ofcourse it's just your pc and no mess on the table! When I came accross several layouts on facebook, on thing led to another and now... yes, it seems I have a new addiction

  9. Well addictions aren't all bad lol. Sounds like you are going to have fun. You can also mix a bit of both and go hybrid. I often print things and then use to make cards or cut up and add to my projects.

  10. I went Digital because it was more convenient. I hated going to the store and not being able to find what I wanted for a page. It is also a lot cheaper.

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