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  1. Why did you go digital?

    :Hi BTW I'm new here as well as to digi scrapbooking.

    I went digital for a few reasons 1)it just makes sense when you have digital cameras 2)things are cheaper using digital resources 3)digi's in B/C it's green and green is hip your like saving trees and stuff(honestly I'm big on the whole green thing it's way I never did the whole hand scrapbooking thing)

    I LOVE the smilies!

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    Welcome to our corner of the web, Lynn! I never really scrapped in the traditional style, but came to digiscrapping through graphic arts and publishing. I love it, and your reasons are all great!

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    My BFF went digital before I did, and she was the one who really talked me into it, and for some of the reasons you mentioned (greener, cheaper!) as well as...

    - It takes up so much less physical space. Computer memory is another story, but even my EHD is pretty small. I still have 2 boxes of paper scrap supplies I am gradually using for other projects.

    - I have a laptop, so I can scrap anywhere - Starbucks, a friend's house, etc.

    - Scrap parties any time I want to just log in. The other day, my BFF and I were doing a speed scrap "together" and we live 1500 miles apart! It was great fun.

    - I love some of the fun techniques that give you a whole different look that anything in paper scrapping. I love blending, erasing, changing colors, etc. Two simple things I like are being able to resize things to fit my page, whether it's changing the size of a frame, or the scale of the print on a paper.

    Yep, I think I'm pretty much sold on it! Just recently, though, I've been connecting the digi scrap with the paper craftiness and doing some hybrid projects, mostly cards. That's fun, too!

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    I stumbled on digi-scrapping while i was searching for traditional paper scrapping supplies online, since i couldn't find what I wanted at my local scrapping shoppes.
    I fell in love with all the great tutorials that helped me learn some cool photo editing techniques, and then the scrapping was just a natural progression.
    My dd was an infant and I didn't have the space to bring out all of my paper crafting supplies.
    And then, there was the ease of storing supplies, and best of all , the dh didn't have to know what I was getting and when I was shopping :)

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    Welcome to GDS!
    I started digi scrapping about a year ago when I received a couple of tubs of old photographs. I didn't want to harm the photos, but I wanted to do something creative with them. As the profile on my blog says about digi, "The flexibility draws me ... the elimination of cleaning up glitter, tiny scraps of paper, and glue afterwards ... keeps me!"
    I, too, love the flexibility of resizing, recoloring, etc ... AND, I find that I often scrap a photo more than once. Digi is less expensive in that you can use a paper or element over and over again ... plus, if you make a mistake, you can un-do!
    I hope you find that you love it, too! Hope to see you posting projects in the gallery and participating in challenges ... the challenges are the best way to learn.

  6. The endless possibilities and less mess. At least there is less mess when I'm scrapping. When I'm designing it's a whole different story. My desk looks like something exploded
    Snag me ---->

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    I wanted to learn how to use Photoshop! and I'm really not very creative and my paper scrapping took up tooo much time, effort, and space. Digi scrapping now takes up more time but I feel really more creative and enjoy it lots more. It really is less effort for me. Oh and btw, anything you do on the computer where you are using your brain to figure out what to do next, strengthens and builds dendrites....I think that is how you spell's using both sides of your brain and all that stuff. My mom has alzheimers and it worries me so I try to keep my brain exercised.

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    welcome! my mom's a traditional scrapbooker & i'd been doing it with her for years! i hate every one of my pages though because i'm too much of a perfectionist. i made the switch a few years ago. i do a little hybrid here & there but mostly just digi. my favorite part of it??? the 'delete' key :)

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    I was a traditonal scrapper but converted to the digi side after DS was born. Less mess ... no worries of "did I leave something out" so DS could get hurt. I love that it is cheaper,I can reuse things and change th ings easily if I make a mistake.
    I also like that I can make a layout and not have to worry about stickers/embellishments falling off years later. I just print and put in a book and the memories are there for a lifetime :)!

  10. I've always been computer oriented and was curious about digiscrapping. There are all of the benefits and reasons as listed above. Reusing kits over and over, being able to change colors to fit the page, less mess and space needed...and the list goes on! I do still paper scrap--just because I'm very tactile, but most of the scrapping I do is digi.
    Crystal in PA

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