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    DSC tips for me?

    Hi ladies I really love it here it has such a warm and friendly atmosphere. I am new to DSB and I really like it a lot. The LO's in my gallery are actually the only ones I have done. I look at the ones you all have made and they give me such inspiration but compared mine are suffering. Can you all please give me some tips on how to improve, thank you in advance.

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    You can find some tips at this thread:

    and also some tutorials can be found here:

    and I think the best way to improve is to just try! Check out the challenges, they can really help you learn new skills.

    Good luck & have fun!!

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    Noor! I think you're doing a fantastic job! The layouts you have posted so far look great. I have been digiscrapping for about a year. However, I migrated from Microsoft DIP to PSE7 in August of 2009 - and that was like starting over. I found this site, and I began learning so much and I found a huge source of inspiration here - so you've come to the right place!

    One suggestion I have is to take advantage of the free tutorials (under the RESOURCES menu link at the top of the page) ... and also the classes sold in the shop are a terrific way to learn.

    Basically ... just getting the mechanics of the software down is a huge thing ... learning those skills will open up what the possibilities are creatively, and you'll be off and running!

    Your layouts so far are wonderful ... just keep plugging away!

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    Noor, I agree with the ladies!! The classes are great and the challenges really helped me get started. Also, just take a look at the gallery whenever you can. I add to my favorite list all the time then go back and try to "scraplift" the los that I really like. The gallery really is my source of inspiration. Above all, have fun!!!

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    Your layouts look great. I agree with the challenges .. they will keep you busy. I also like the templates in the store. They are a stepping stone for me when I am having a creating blah. It's amazing how one simple template can turn into a beautiful layout.

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    I agree with the ladies :) I think your work is awesome and have pegged in my favorites from the moment that I saw them in the gallery!! There are lots of great techniques but what I find helps the most is to save the layouts that I am drawn to and pull inspiration from them, whether it's the colors, the placement of photos or a theme...then when in need of inspiration I browse my "favorites" and voila!

    You are in good company here and I think that with time you'll find that your layouts just get better and better!

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    Thank you all :)

  8. what everyone else said. Your layouts look great. Everything comes with practice, too. so just keep at it and you'll develop a style and get better with each layout you complete.
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