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    I'm not good enough at explaining things to tell you how to use styles but I will say that if you would take the time to learn to use them, you will be amazed at all you can do with them. I refuse to confess how many styles I have (LOTS) but I use them for so many different things. It is so much faster than doing everything manually. You can find styles for creating drop shadows, holes for stitching, inked edges. You can also find metal styles, glitter, plastic, paper, texture, vellum, fabric, the list goes on and on.

    If you want to experiment with some freebie ones, a good resource is They have an exchange there with tons of freebies (styles, brushes, shapes, etc.).
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    Thanks for the info, Terri and Britanee! Those will be a big help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by britaneejean View Post
    Make sure you can view all hidden folders (control panel->folder options->view->show hidden files & folders). Then follow this trail-
    Local Disk (C:)->All Users->Application Data->Adobe->Photoshop Elements->7.0->Photo Creations

    in your photo creations folder, there's subfolders for your layer styles, filters, photo effects, etc. if you right click on photo creations, you can create a shortcut so then you're not hunting it down everytime you want to add new styles. did that make more sense Cathy?
    Yes, Thanks Britanee...I was having a senior moment that day, ROFL.

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