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Thread: $20 classes and a freebie!

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    $20 classes and a freebie!

    Whether you are a designer or a scrapbooker, my classes will help you learn to use Photoshop and Illustrator. Right now, my classes are on sale for $20 and you get a $5 gift on the first day of class for signing up.

    My classes are $20 through May 7!

    class_CSbegin class_CSinter class_CSadvance
    class_CS3super_thumb andreagold_class_PSadvance03
    class_ILLUSbeg01_thumb class_ILLUSbeg02_thumb class_ILLUSint01_thumb

    Don't forget, you will also get a $5 gift on the first day of class! :)

    Here is a freebie:


    Download here.

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