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    May 2009
    No. California
    Oh phoey - I'll have to miss this one! We have choir practice at 5pm (PST) and then church at 6pm. We usually don't get home until almost 8pm.

    Have fun!

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    Yeah another speed scrap. What a wonderful week! Although it'll be interesting to see if I can watch the Amazing Race and speed scrap at the same time....

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    Dec 2007
    Belleville, Illinois
    Multi Photo, huh? That just means more than one, right? So 2 is multi photo! I am not a scrap with a lot of photos kinda gal, lol. See everyone at the Speed Scrap later.

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    I have "thrown away" so many layouts today! I think I have lost my creative mojo! I hope tonight's speed scrap is "just what the doctor ordered"! I am so looking forward to it! See you guys in a little while!

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    Alabaster, Alabama
    See you guys in a little while!

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    AlllllllllllllllRighty then.. I better go get dressed and grab a coffee.. the fun is about to begin! ... BRB

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    I was seeing if I could find some more scavenge items one last time...whoever hides them is a bit sadistic! Oddly, the ones easiest for me were hardest for some of the veterns here! In any case I am done-looking!

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    Sounds fun I would Like to try it!

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    Does anyone know how I would add my image to my name on the threads and in my profile? I have tried to figure it out but I am missing something!

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    User CP and the avatar and signature. If this has already been tried with no success, pay attention to the sizes, photos and signatures need to be a certain size.

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