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    Question Question about a theme for a photo album

    Good morning,
    I'll travel in June to the US. I'm new to the digital scrapbooking world but I want to use digital scrapbooking to make my photo album, but I don't know what theme use for my album.
    I'll go to the West Coast: San Francisco - Los Angeles - Las Vegas - Grand Canyon and I'll finish my trip in Phoenix (for my MBA Master graduation).
    Any suggestions?

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    Welcome to GDS Mireia! Happy Travels, too!

    Where will you be traveling from? Looking at the places you'll visit, one thought might be something along the lines of the "Wild West", since you're concentrating on the western half of the US. You might even develop a theme on your own as you visit those places. I'd suggest staying kind of flexible. Hope you'll share your layouts with us here at GDS ... I'd love to see how your trip turns out! Have fun!!!!!

  3. theme ideas

    I myself don't keep a real "theme" going as much as a color scheme. And usually that doesn't happen till I have my pictures together and see what I'm going to be working with. But, I can say for each place you are going to, there are definite possible themes for EACH location so to use a specific color scheme would be easiest... Like southwest colors... corals, salmon, sienna, greys, wheat, greens, tuquoise, pinks, purples, ETC... Here is ONE example:

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    omgosh, you're traveling to fantastic places!! San Fran & LA are beautiful. Las Vegas is something to see, at least once. there's lots of "travel" kits & i'd just use those. maybe use different kits for the different places you travel. San Fran & LA could use a beachy kit, while Phoenix/GC use a desert type kit. Las Vegas needs it's very own kit (hmm....designers....)

    i'm not one to use 1 kit for an entire album (i attempted & it definitely didn't work out lol). have fun on your trip though! i live in utah & it's definitely a desert but i LOVE it! you're going to some great places

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    If you're making a photo book, which has mostly travel pictures and a little journaling, you might want to keep to a few limited page templates to best show off the photos themselves, and keep the backgrounds and embellishments limited and subtle. That way the photos are the most important thing, and the "theme" that emerges is the trip. Another great way to keep it all tied together is to use the same font for all your journaling and the same one for your titling. It really helps tie a book together and make it look complete, not just a collection of various pages. And, keeping the order the same as you actually kept for the trip will help you keep continuity going, especially if you're telling a story along with the pictures (and it IS a story, isn't it?). A title page would be nice to explain the trip, and could be very decorative.

    Have lots of fun, and congratulations on the upcoming graduation!

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