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Thread: font organizer

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    font organizer

    have you heard of these before? i didn't know about them until a few months ago & have been debating if i should download one or not. does anyone use one? if so, what one is it? do you like it?

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    I had one before my computer was redone and I used it lots - your post made me realize that I didn't save it, lol.

    They are nice because the fonts are shown larger and when you have so many you need something to look at. Get one :)

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    did you buy it or download a free one?

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    was a free one

    take a look at this one

    This is the one that I use :)

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    I have one. I think it just helps to not bog down your ps. It's pretty easy to install fonts with it too. That is the only time I ever open the program, just to install the fonts. Then they just magically show up in my ps. I use AMP font viewer (which is free)
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    I use the same one Carolyn uses and I love it. I don't load fonts anymore because it really slows my computer down. The AMP font viewer is free and very handy.

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    I have over 2500 fonts loaded into PS, lol and have no issues (knock on wood!). I use the font express viewer lots though as the tiny little text sample in PS just doesn't work for me.
    I love typing it in and scrolling to see what it would look like, so much easier than in PS mode :)

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    Check out the available utilities here:

    I use Font Explorer for the Mac (also available for the PC), it's free, it's great.

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    I use Fontcase and I LOOOOVE it! I am in the process of going through and reorganizing my fonts with this program, it's like iTunes for your fonts!

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    I've always used Extensis Suitecase for Mac. I have all my fonts organized in sets - i.e., graphic design, scrapbooking or freebies. You can view what the fonts look like at various sizes.

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