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Thread: Removing white box from a graphic

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    Anita, These are all vector graphics and can be opened in a drawing program like Adobe Illustrator. Then you can manipulate them. When you open them into Photoshop or Elements, you rasterize the vectors and make a flattened image, which is then harder to manipulate and at the mercy of the size/resolution of the copied image. The nice thing about vector graphics is that they are resolution-independent, can be sized up or down without losing resolution, and can be recolored, etc. in the original drawing program. Any file that has the .eps extension is a vector graphic.

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    I used CS2 .. opened it up and pasted it on a blank background. Used the magic wand tool and clicked on the white part that I didn't want .... you should have marching ants around the edges .. push erase and VOILA .. you have a PNG format with no white to it. Save it as PNG and you are done.
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    I'm not sure how to do it in other programs, but in Photoshop just duplicate the layer, then use your Magic Wand to select then delete the white space.

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    If you're using PSE - you should be able to just use the "Magic" eraser and click on the white background and it should remove just the white. I do it all the time and it usually works okay.

  5. Thank you everyone for your help. I'm still trying to learn PSE 5 so I sometimes feel like a dummy.


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