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Thread: Removing white box from a graphic

  1. Question Removing white box from a graphic

    I have some graphics that have a white box behind them. How do I get rid of the white box?:

  2. You have elements to scrap with that have a white background? If so, these elements were not saved in the proper format and are not usable unless you extract them from the solid background manually. If you got them in a scrap kit for purchase or as a freebie, you should contact the designer and let them know of the problem. They should be transparent .PNGs and not .JPGs.
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    I had this issue way back when I first started scrapping!! Are you using PSE??? If so, you need to use the place option found under the file tab instead of the open option like you do on other programs. Hope this helps.

  4. Here is a link to the graphics I'm working with:

    I want to put them on patterened paper but I would like the white background removed. How would I manualy remove the white?

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    I don't know if you can. I'm not sure what kind of file this is and even if I did know, I'm not sure I would know. It looks like a pre-designed clip art and my experience with clip art is that it is what it is and unless you created it, it can't be changed. I could be wrong.

    You can try to erase the white background. That might take some time but I'm pretty sure you could do that.

  6. Thanks everyone. Sounds like I'm stuck with what I have.

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    i agree with Anna
    I am pretty sure these are clip art images and there isn't
    any easy way to extract all that white (as far as I know)

    but, maybe you are talking about having the white box like frame
    around the images??? if so, I am pretty sure that is part of the
    blog set up or design.

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    I did some of them and removed the white background. What is your email and I can send them to you as a PNG format. This can be done VERY quickly LOL!

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    Sent you a PM with a download link for 4shared. Removed I think 5 of the whites from around them .. hope that you like.

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    I had that same problem a couple of months ago!
    It turns out that my quicktime & javascript weren't updated.
    Once I did... no white boxes!
    Hope it helps! =)

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