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Thread: Advice on upgrading from a point & shoot?

  1. Advice on upgrading from a point & shoot?

    I'm really interested in learning about photography but don't know where to start. I really want sharp quality images of my kids. The problem with my P&S is that it takes way too long to focus, so my kids are gone and out of the shot before I can get a pic. Also I want the ability to learn and try manual settings, all the auto settings of the camera I have give me blurry, blown out pictures. What camera should I start with? Is SLR the way to go or would a Bridge camera do what I'm wanting? TIA for any advice or info!!!

    *currently using a Nikon coolpix S203 after my Sony Cybershot DSC-S50 screen died after 5 years of LOTS of love!

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    I could have written this same post a few years ago. I had a nikon coolpix as well and it nearly drove me insane with the blurry pics and how long it took to record images. Grrr!!

    I upgraded to an entry level SLR. I got the Nikon D50. Oh I LOVE that camera. I got literally thousands of beautiful pictures with it, and I learned all the ins and outs of how to work a camera without spending the big bucks and knowing if I'd like it or not (I Did!) I just upgraded to a Nikon D300s and couldn't be happier with having made that jump into SLR.

    The good thing about entry level SLR's is that they have auto settings on them as well, so when you can't be bothered with manual settings you can always let the camera do the work for you. But, I promise you will NEVER regret the SLR.

    Now as far as which camera, that all depends on you. I'd suggest going to the store and getting a good feel of the Nikon vs. Cannon and which you like better. Once you pick one side and start buying lenses then it's a lot of money to switch again. BUT, both camera's are equally just as awesome so it really is what feels more comfy to you.

    But yes, SLR is THE way to go. Good luck!! :)
    mom of four....
    I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. 3John 1:4

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    oh, and if you want a few websites or names of great books to learn the ins and outs just drop me a PM and I'll get that info to you.
    mom of four....
    I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. 3John 1:4

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    Oohh I know what you mean..I have a Canon EOS Rebel XSi and I love it! I still have my other camera handy for those times when we are out and I just have to get a pic. I chose my camera based on product reviews at various sites (amazon, adorama camera, cnet). And I have actually been taking my pics on the manual setting; I just sat down the first few days and played around with the settings taking random pics...I hate AUTO hope you find something you like!

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    Congrats on wanting to upgrade. This is a big step .. going from a P&S to a DSLR. I did what the pp said .. I felt both cameras in my hand. I tested the Nikon and the Canon. They both felt great and they both got great reviews. The only thing that I noticed was the there are more lenses compatable with the Canons and they are cheaper. That is the only reson why I went with a Canon. I bought the XTi in 2005 and lastyear I bought that XSi .. love both cameras. The picture quality is amazing.

    As for the action shots of your kids,this will take time. Read your settings and you will doing them in no time. I got to shoot the Baseball All Stars and got some great shots. Even went to a Reds Baseball game and got some cool action shots there also. The best way to try your hand at actions shots .. from my take, is to have your kiddos jump in the air. Once you get them in the air and get great shots .. you will be snapping pics. like a pro!

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    I agree with the previous posts--I switched recently to a Nikon D40 and love it. I do, however, miss composing the shots looking into the LCD--you lose that when you got to DSLR and have to use just the viewfinder. And, you spend a considerable time learning to take the shots on manual settings, and even more getting used to changing things on the fly. Six months later, I'm still struggling with some things. So, it just doesn't happen overnight. I took Alisha's photography class here at GDS, and really recommend that. I actually took it twice, once with Daphne, and then with Alisha. You'll definitely spend more money going DSLR, and you'll get lens envy, so beware! You might want to just go with a newer model P&S which takes good shots fast and has some manual capabilities before jumping into the big pond.

  7. Thank you so much for your replies!!! My head is just spinning from researching and trying to figure out what I really need/want! I think I'm decided on a Canon but now to decide which model... I'm thinking the XSi maybe? Thanks again for your help everyone!:)

  8. Oh, I forgot to ask if anyone has any thoughts on new vs. used ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mom_boyz2 View Post
    Oh, I forgot to ask if anyone has any thoughts on new vs. used ?
    I would not go with a used one. I wouldn't pay that much money for something that I was unsure of. Atleast with a new one,you have the warranty from Canon. When I bought my XSi ... they sent me a refurbished one. I sent it back and they mailed me a new one. I have one rule about buying something ... if it is anything electronical .. buy new.

    With the XSi,you can look through the LCD screen to take pictures. It has that option. I personally have never used it but I know that it is there !

    I also got mine off of an ebay store. It came with LOTS of things. I really liked the deal that I got,filters,a backup battery,bag(which I don't use),tripod and an extra lens and I paid around $700.00 for it .. it was a steal. Plus a 8GB card.

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    Before digital, I loved my 35mm and took it everywhere.
    I took photography in school and loved developing my own film and all that stuff. but it was expensive.

    Now, I find that I just dont have the time or energy to learn everything all over again, switch lenses for the perfect shot, and lug the gear. My dd is too fast and I would miss 90% of what I can capture with my Canon G9. I adjust most photos in my layouts in Photoshop anyway.

    the only thing I truly miss is the clear, crisp photos that my dh takes with his DSLR -- and then I see all the gear. I think if my dd were older and I could actually stop on our nature hikes to set up my shots, I would love the challenge of a DSLR. but right now, it just wouldn't work for me.

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