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  1. Tell me your most......

    effective remedy for morning sickness.....PLEASE!
    I'll try anything at this point!

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    Jenn ... I'm so sorry you're experiencing such terrible "morning sickness". What worked for me was plain old ordinary saltine crackers. I figured out if I kept a couple on my tummy, I didn't have sickness so bad. My friend at work could stave it off with a vanilla scented candle in addition to the saltines. Smells bothered me, too ... she figured out that the vanilla candle helped.

    Well ... those are my tips ... hopefully you'll get hit on something that will do the trick. I will pray hard for this to subside.

    BTW ... did you have this with the princesses? Could this be an early indicator that a "prince" is on the way?

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    Oh no Fortunatly, I never had morning sickness so I am sorry I can not help you ! I hope someone can though!!

  4. Nope, I didn't really have it with the princesses....a little bit of yuck feeling in the early evening was all I did with them...all of them. This one is an all day long, dash for the sink, kinda thing. Smells, mention of certain foods, just about anything sets me off. May be a prince, but could just be that I'm as old as Methusala...or close, LOL

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    First of all congratulations!! I hadn't heard :) My saving graze was peppermint, candy, tea, ice cream - anything peppermint. Apparently it is a natural remedy for upset bellies - try the tea, it always worked for me.

    I don't know about this but I did see morning sickness suckers at babies r us last summer - never used them but it wouldn't hurt to check them out.

    Feel better soon - hopefully it is the sign of a Prince!!

  6. oh.. I hope it's a sign of a prince.. I had terrible morning sickness with both of my first two..who happened to be my prince's! & nothing worked either, I just got use to the morning "routine" and it finally ended around 4/5 months... then felt better than ever!

    You have my sweet sympathy!


  7. I sucked on peppermints and lemon drops ALL day long- and when I wasn't I was eating- grapes, pretzel sticks, - anything I could carry with me as I was teaching. I had horrible morning( all day) sickness with both of mine- I found that when I did eat something it helped so I ate :)

    My main thing was smells- I couldn't go to the grocery because of all the smells! at least I got out of that chore for a few months!

    Good luck and I hope you find some relief soon
    JAB Digital Designs

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    Ooooh, I feel for you, Jenn. I, too, had it bad. With the second it was 8 months long, and several stays in the emergency room. So, it could be worse for you. By all means, stay away from the grocery store, people who wear perfume, and anything else that gives you a bad feeling. Your body is telling you something! It kept me away from coffee for a long time. The only remedy that worked for me is a medication not on the market anymore, so no help there. Saltines before you even get up in the morning can be a help, at least they were for me the first pg.

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    I am so sorry the little "prince" is making you ill. Hopefully this means he or she will be an angel when they arrive! I can't help with any ideas, I can't even remember back that far, ROFLMBO. Now that is older than methusala!!!!!!!!

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    I didn't know you were expecting .. CONGRATS. I wasn't sick with my 2 kids. I did get sick once with dd after I ate McDonalds to late at night. Then again .. that could make anybody sick .

    My doctor told me that if I experience any type of morning sickness eat a raw potato. My friend was sick and did it and said it worked. I would also say keep something in your stomach. I had another friend that said that before she got out of bed,she ate crackers. Kept them beside her bed.

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