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    Help in the gallery please....

    I uploaded a page to the gallery and I'm trying to link the GDS products that I've used and I keep getting an error that says "product not found". I'm doing the same cutting and pasting method that I've done before so I'm not sure what I'm doing

    Here's the page in question:

    ETA Also, I used to be able to use the keywords section in the gallery to link my page to a particular product in the store. For example, as long as I used the correct keywords for Rebecca Gold's Razzleberry kit, when I view the product in the store I used to be able to hit the "view layouts" button and see my page along with anyone else who had keyworded the "view layouts" button just takes me into the main gallery page. I hope all that made sense, lol!!!

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    thanks Patty, I'll check into this and get back to you...
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