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Thread: I'm getting published for the first time!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrappinsass View Post
    Awesome!! .. ok.. so I'm a little clueless here.. what does *getting published* involve? Doe one enter a contest? submitt to e-zines or real magazines? what's it all about? ..
    i'd love to know the same thing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by britaneejean View Post
    i'd love to know the same thing!
    Great questions! There are various scrapping magazines ... both printed and digital ... that issue calls on a regular basis for layouts, articles, tips, etc. that they might use in their upcoming issue. They typically have a subject matter or technique in mind when they issue the call. It's quite an honor to have a layout selected ... as you can imagine, they get hundreds of submissions for each call they make. Hope this helps!

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    Thanks Lisa, for taking the time to answer my questions. It may have seemed like an obvious question but I'm nosy and like to know the ins and outs of things.. just plain curious!

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    wow, that's great news!!! congratulations!!! :-)

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