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Thread: mini/digi

  1. mini/digi

    Ok its me again. I have been looking around. whats the differance between mini kits, digi etc.... When i downoad is there anything I need to do besides click save and know where Im saving it to?

    farmmommy (kalena)

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    All digital scrapping kits are "digi" kits -- it is short for digital

    a mini kit is usually smaller than a regular digital kit, and it should cost less than a full kit

    a full digital kit will have a selection of papers and elements

    then there are "mega" kits which are a lot bigger and will have lots of papers and elements

    a "collab" kit is a kit made by two or more different designers

    and Add-On is a kit that coordinates with the original and may have extra goodies

    sometimes you can buy elements separately and papers separately
    and then there are packs of glitter, Quick Pages where you just drop in your photos, templates that help you put together a page, but you use the papers and elements you like.

    You download them all the same way
    Then you would unzip them
    and from there you save them to your computer in a folder or filing system to help you sort out and find your "digi" supplies

    Hope this helps a bit :)

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    Mini kits usually are simply that ... a small kit containing a sampling of papers and elements. Regular-sized kits typically have more papers and lots more elements to choose from.

    Regarding downloading ... yes, you simply navigate to the file location on your PC and click the save button.

    My advice is to have some sort of organizing system in mind. You'll be amazed at how quickly you accumulate digi supplies! Everyone has their own system, so you'll likely develop your own ... I'm just giving you a heads up to give it some thought.

    Have fun!

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    Liz ... we must've been replying at the same time! LOL!

  5. You guys are awesome. it must seem so little but its a great help to me.


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