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Thread: Problems recently on the site

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    Apr 2009
    mid north coast Australia NSW
    so sorry Donna i have just been informed i use win7
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    Thanks Dona, just sent you a PM!

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    An update: since going back to FF 3.5, have not had any of the problems I mentioned, nor some others that I didn't mention because they didn't relate to GDS. So I'll bide my time before upgrading again. And I advise you to save the last version of software whenever you upgrade--could rescue you from a similar situation!

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    Apr 2009
    mid north coast Australia NSW
    It's great everyone here is so Helpful

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    Hey Maggie, great new avatar and siggie!

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    I haven't upgraded yet. I've learned that Firefox is often unstable after an upgrade. I wish they could get it right so it didn't crash and do crazy things!

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    I use Opera.. don't have those problems.. but I have firefox installed because for some reason when I'm doing a cut and paste from opera, it doesn't like copying the pictures.. firefox is good at doing that. .. not sure if Opera has a mac version .. but I'm betting they do

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    Well I can't get the 3.5 version to work - thanks Dona for trying to help.

    But I did find the bookmarks file so I can go through and at least have those. If anyone else is looking for them, find them here:

    Your home folder > Library > Application Support > Firefox > Profiles > name.default folder > bookmarkbackups folder

    I just opened the latest version with TextEdit and am doing a "http://" search to grab them - it's easier to find them this way through all of the coding. And I will keep this file intact for when Firefox decides to fix all their problems.

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    Sorry the dmg file doesn't work for you Tricia. But good news, I finally found a source for the old apps: For PC people, look here: Good luck!

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    Thanks Dona, will try it and see if I can get one of them to work!

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