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Thread: I Spy

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    Feb 2007
    OH, USA

    I Spy

    Here is a fun little game, sort of like I Spy

    Someone will say something that is nearby (something on the desk, something in the room, something being worn, etc.) and the next person will reply, and then come up with their own. It can be something that one hears, sees, smells, tastes. It just has to be something going on at the moment

    So here is an example

    Scrapper A:
    something musty

    Scrapper B:
    my dog who needs a bath

    something shiny

    Scrapper C:
    the Hello Kitty tin still sitting on my printer

    something pink


    So I will start us off with:

    ~ something crooked

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    I spy something folded ....

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    Feb 2007
    OH, USA
    must be my dd's notes

    I spy something green

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    Sep 2008
    Austin, Tx.
    must be a tube of Bath and Body Works Mentha Foot Tingling foot cream...smells yummy.

    I spy something small and furry!

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    must be my Chihuahua babies

    I spy something black and round

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    Feb 2007
    OH, USA
    that would be my dd's apron with two big owl eyes

    I spy something blinking

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    must be the light on my answering machine ...

    I spy something glittery

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    Must be the glittery magnet.

    I spy something pink and fuzzy.

    wife, mother of 2 children and three cats

  9. Must be my daugters' sweater...

    I see something black and white

    My Blog: Randje's World

    "You live and learn. At any rate, you live"
    Douglas Adams

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    Must be the letter laying on my desk.

    I spy something clear and shiny ...

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