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    Changes around the corner!

    Howdy everyone! Happy soon-to-be Friday to you all!!! Boy have we got a surprise in store for you!!! But to see the surprise, you have to live through another short time period for our forum and gallery areas to be unavailable. These areas will be unavailable beginning tomorrow night (Friday) at 9pm eastern.

    Oooooh, I wonder what could it be???? Guess you just gotta check back in with us to find out!!

    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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    Feb 2007
    Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States
    Oh Holly! You are such a tease! If it's the change I think it is, everyone is going to love it!!! I can hardly wait! !
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    So far everything about this site has been fabulous so I "guess" we can be patient (teehee). Seriously any guesses on how long you'll be down (and yes I know dealing with technology any answer you give will be a guess lol).

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    Thanks, Holly! I like surprises. :-)

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    Well, Holly, you haven't taken us around a wrong turn yet so I guess we can trust you again! You are bad for keeping us guessing though!

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    Oh... I can't wait!!!

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    Naughty Holly for keeping us in suspense! hehe!

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    LOL, I can't wait!!!

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    Change is usually good, and knowing you girls, this one is gonna be GREAT!!! I can't wait to see it!!
    Beth K.

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    Oh, I'm sure it will be well worth the downtime!

    "The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart." Author Unknown

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