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Thread: Photoshop question

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    Austin, Tx.

    Photoshop question

    I'm looking to purchase the photoshop cs4 but there are so many options. Adobe Creative Suite CS4-web premium student edition
    -dreamweaver CS4
    -Flash Pro CS4

    What is it that I really need???

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    Feb 2007
    OH, USA
    I have CS4, I upgraded from CS2
    I do not have Flash Pro or Dreamweaver, but I do have Illustrator

    It took some getting used to, but now I love it so much more than CS2

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    Hi Anna, If I'm not mistaken, the CS part of CS4 stands for *creative suite*. So that would mean that you'd have to look for the Photoshop CS4 which is the photoshop part of the entire creative suite. Confusing yes.. This Adobe site has all the *parts* of creative suites listed. Maybe it will make more sense. They even allow you to d/l entire programs and trial it for 30 days.

    fyi: dreamweaver = web editor
    flash pro = small animated features like you'd see on the e-greeting card sites
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    For what we do here you'll only need Photoshop, unless you want to try your hand at "drawing" vector images, then you'd want Illustrator.

    I was about to upgrade from CS (I have the entire suite) to CS4 until I found out that Photoshop CS5 will be out in a few months.

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    You'll really like Photoshop once you get going, Anna. It will take a while to learn the ins and outs, as it is different from elements in many ways, tho similar in lots of areas. You need to decide if you want the whole suite or just PS. With Creative Suite Standard, you get InDesign which is for page layout (making newsletters, and other graphic design projects) and Illustrator (more graphic design and vector art creation), as well as Acrobat Pro (for dealing on a professional level with pdf file creation and alteration). the Creative Suite Premium has even more stuff. I think you'd be most happy with just Photoshop unless you have a need for the other members of the suite of products.

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    Sep 2008
    Austin, Tx.
    I think I want to take over my school's web page so I think I need the dreamweaver piece. Now if I could just add a few more hours to my day!!

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    You should really wait a month or two. Rumors are there may be an announcement at Photoshop World in March about CS5. It you wait until near the release date they usually offer an upgrade to the next version for free.

  8. OMG, just reading yalls post,, this gets confuzzling on what PS to get. I use
    CS2.But I do want to upgrade one of these

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    Anna if you are using PSE and think when you get CS4 you will jump in to it (some of the little things that you have to remember,) i have CS4 i know quite a lot of people that use CS4 e.g and dont like the tabs . They prefer CS3 and i would say that would do you ,Its cheaper now. I dont want to use Illustrater ETC these extras are for people who design and work with graphics. Anyhow just getting my penny's worth LOL


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    I called Adobe last Thursday and found out if I updated to CS4 (from CS3) I would get the upgrade to CS5 free when it came out. I think the offer is time limited. I always like to wait before using a new upgrade until they get a lot of the bugs out. I ordered so I can use CS4 for awhile and move on to 5 without extra cost.

    With Adobe's new upgrade program, you have to pay the full price if you don't own a fairly recent version. I think this time you have to have CS2 to go to CS5. If you're concerned go to www. and find the phone to talk to sales.


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