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    Yes.. I"m in Aussie~ville... here's it's 1:30 pm TOMORROW LOL

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    Val! What happened to your elbows?

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    Hey everyone, how's it going?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SparkysGirl View Post
    Lone is already ten times quieter tonight than she was the other night at the Scrap N Chat!

    /me bounces around the room... it's just not live chat .. that's all !! lol.. I've got a duster this time

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    Val has scrappers elbow from working on her laptop and Lone when do you sleep? I swear I saw you at the CT forum quite early this morning!

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    Hi Dona!

  7. Hello all!! Happy Birthday Val - hope you're elbows better soon.

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    Hi Dona:)

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    Hi Everyone ! I'm sort of new, so glad to be here!
    Sally in Ohio

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    HI Lisa, Anna, Dona, Tronsia <-- ok i think i speeeelled that wrong :( , Belinda.. who'd I miss? .. And everyone else.. lol

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