I agree with Anna ... no question is stupid! I have to say the folks here are just so nice and supportive ... I have only been digiscrapping since about April of last year (so not even a year yet). I remember when I first started, I did NOT have a clue! I had the hardest time understanding the layers in the Layers Palette. I still have tons to learn, and everytime someone asks a question here ... I learn from the answers (like Michaela's tip for saving the folder image - YAY! that will be so helpful!).

When you click FILE, and then OPEN to go grab a paper or an element, it might be best for now to set your FILE TYPE (located at the bottom of the pop up window) to ALL FORMATS. By doing that, you should be able to see all the files that are in your folder.

Good luck, and hang in there! You'll get it soon!