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Thread: Jan/Feb '10 P+E Challenge!! We're back!

  1. Jan/Feb '10 P+E Challenge!! We're back!

    Hello All!

    I've missed seeing all the wonderful P+E Challenge entries the last couple of months! I'm sure everyone can commiserate with a crazy, crazy, crazy life :)

    This month, we're going to get a little wild and adventurous.

    We're going to focus on one ELEMENT of design and one PRINCIPLE of design..... are you up to the challenge???? we go!

    Your ELEMENT of design is SHAPE. Shape is defined as an area that is enclosed by line(s). Shapes are two dimensional and can show dimension by overlapping.

    Your PRINCIPLE of design is REPETITION. Repetition is the recurrence of an element within a piece of art. The element is often echoed, with variation to create interest. Variations can occur in color and size, etc.

    Here are some examples: (images are clickable so you can go leave some love)

    So here is your mission:

    1. Create a layout that incorporates both Shape and Repetition. This layout must be a new layout, and not used for any other challenge.
    2. Upload your layout to the P+E Gallery. Be sure and give us the juicy details of what you chose and why in the description field.
    3. Post back here with a link to your layout. This makes it easier for the other participants and myself to leave love, and makes it easier to distribute posting bonuses.
    4. Challenge counts towards the Scrappin' 7 Challenge, depending on which month you upload. If you upload in January, it will count towards the January challenge, if you upload in February it will count towards the February Challenge.
    5. The use of GDS Products is encouraged. You can find the fabulous new lovelies in the shop by clicking HERE.
    BONUS: Incorporate the Element of COLOR into your page by using either a COMPLIMENTARY color scheme (colors opposite each other on the color wheel) or an ANALOGOUS color scheme (three or more colors found next to each other on the color wheel) for an extra posting bonus.

    This challenge ends at midnight EST on February 15, 2010. Layouts must be uploaded by the deadline to qualify for the bonuses.

    On your marks....get set....and GO! Can't wait to see what you come up with this month, scrappers!

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    I love this challenge, Jenn! I understand a "crazy, crazy, crazy" life, and I'll actually be able to put more time and thought into this due to the delay in posting it. Things have been hectic for me, too ...

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    Yeah, glad the challenge is back, and you too Jenn. We have missed you around here, but we all understand the crazy life stuff. I think it hit all of us this holiday season.

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    This looks like a great challenge! I am SO in!

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    Me, too! Great to come back with this one, Jenn!

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    I'm glad it's back because this is where I learn stuff!! Thanks for hosting it again Jenn!

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    Thank you so much for having us all in for a lesson. I am not sure if I got the color part of this or not, I'll let you be the judge, but here is the shape circle with repetition.

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    i'm in!

  9. I love it when some of the challenges run mid-month. Gives me a chance to catch my breath! I'll be doing this layout, but won't be posting till early Feb! Life will have me in a sling till then - LOL.

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    i hurried & did one. here's mine :)

    and the gallery link

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