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    Photoshop file handling

    I was recently working on an image for an upcoming tutorial and then I got caught up in doing some other things. And I went back to my directory to apply the image that I was working on, because I want to do a tutorial on Rembrandt, lighting and Kiada Skioro (Inaudible) which is what you see in this image right here.

    So I looked in my folder, in my directory, and I could not find this image. And so then I went under my File Menu to open recent and by default, that will only list five or 10. I forget what the default is. And it was not listed there. I was trying to jog my memory, what I named it, I could not remember. So then, what I did to find it and this is where the tip comes in is, I went under my Preferences over to File Handling. And when this opens up down here at the bottom, the recent file list contains 10 files. I just set it up for 30, thinking I had worked on it a couple of days ago. Maybe it would jog my memory. So I just typed in 30 files, click Okay. And now, when I go under File, and Open Recent, the list gives me the last 30 files that I worked on. And I was able to find it down here. This is the image and pull it up but I really thought I had lost it.

    So I thought I would just share this little tip. If anybody else out there forgets what they named files or misplaces them or thinks they misplaced them, this is a neat little trick to kind of jog your memory and find them again because to open it, all you have to do is click on this list and it will open up.

    Another tip is that when you hover over the Title Bar here, it will actually give you, and let me move the Layers Pallet out of the way. I am hovering. Notice that yellow box gives you the directory where you saved the file to. Now if you are on a Macintosh, what you need to do in the Title Bar is hold down Ctrlkey.

    But anyway, that is my little tip for finding lost files when your brain has a sort of fizzled out.

    Hope this helps
    Here is the link to this item by mama sham
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