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Thread: Snipping tool

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    Snipping tool

    There's a nifty little tool in Windows 7 (and, I believe, in Vista also) that makes it really easy to do screen shots. It's called Snipping Tool and can be found in the Accessories folder. To use it, you draw a cropping frame around the area of the screen you want to capture and you then have the option to save it in png, gif, jpeg, or html formats, copy it to another application, or e-mail it. It also has pen, highlighting, and eraser tools that can be used on the screen capture.

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    Good tip, Maggie. For the Macintosh there's a similar tool. Shift-Command-4 gives you a crosshair cursor. Drag it out to cover the area you want to capture, let go of the mouse button and the picture is on your desktop! I use it to capture anything I find for inspiration, a fav layout to scraplift, colors on a website, etc. The files saved are pngs.

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    Thanks for the tip Maggie. I just got a new laptop with Win7 in it, and I have seen the scissors in the startup menu but haven't tried them yet because I wasn't sure what the scissors did. I assumed that they were there to 'cut something' lol. The fact that the cut portion of the screenshot can be modified immediately makes the tool worth using to me!

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    Great tip Maggie! I still have XP on my dino but I've got a cute little program called Capture Wiz that captures anything including videos and recordings. Nifty little program for those that don't have Win 7.

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    You gals are so smart! Thanks for sharing your tips!

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    Yep, it's there in Vista! Thanks so much! I never knew!

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    How cool is that. Thanks so much for sharing. Guess we should all explore our programs more!

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    What a cool tool that is - Thank you so much, Ladies.
    Any idea if there is a "not only Shareware -version" I can use
    with Windows XP ?

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    I just got a new computer yesterday with Windows 7 on it--and dh just shared that tip with me this morning! So cool huh?

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    Like Dona - I'm on a Mac and I've used that useful keystroke command so much over the years - it's so helpful. I actually just used it to send Lone some stuff from my screen!

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