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Thread: Greetings from another UK newbie !

  1. Greetings from another UK newbie !

    I found you yesterday and recommended you to another newbie only to find that she has said Hi already - how rude of me !

    So here is my introduction - I'm 43 live in the UK. I've been card and jewellery making forever in my spare time and on a trip to the US found scrapbooking a year ago. Since then I've started to convert to Digiscrapping. It's so tidy !!

    I use Photoshop CS2 which is an uphill battle but I'm getting there and would love to be able to make some of the wonderful freebies that are out there so if anyone does a masterclass for complete newbies please let me know I have the creativity but not the knowledge !

    I've been with my partner for 17 years and we have two children 13 and 12 who are obviously my scrap inspirations.

    Would love to get involved in whatever is going on here but there is so much information it may take me a while to understand everything that's going on.

    I just love the smilies and am struggling not to litter them in here too much so I think you've had enough of me now



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    oh yeay!!! The British invasion of the digital scrapbooking world is underway - and it all started her at gds!!!!!

    Welcome to gds - I am sure you will find everyone really friendly! Jump right in and take part in the challenges and games etc - not forgetting the awesome supreme team contest which is great fun! And check out the gallery for awesome inspiration too!!

    Can't wait to see more of you around the site :)

  3. Well if it wasn't for the US I don't think I would have come across scrapbooking - it's only just starting to take off here but everything is so expensive. You have such a fantastic array of things and my new suitcase proved it - I was hoping I wouldn't get stopped at customs as it was full of papers, embellies, beads and a Fastenator !! Poor people in Michaels with a couple of sheets had to wait ages for my bulk purchase to go through !! Now I've found Digiscrapping I don't have to worry about shipping and I can pretend I'm in the US still too - I've only just managed to get our local newspaper store to get me Bead and Button if I ask for something to do with Digital Scrapping I'm sure they will spontaneously combust !

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    lol - I agree, it is very expensive to scrapbook traditionally over here - when we were in Canada last year, I did the same as you - bought loads of things for my paper scrapping cos it was all about half the price!

    Thats the wonderful thing about digiscrapping - it is so much more economical! (well, assuming you already have the computer of course!!) AND, we get the luxury of being able to buy US digi stuff from over here!

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    Dec 2006
    Pikes Peak Region, Colorado

    Welcome to GDS Lesly!

    I am also a paper scrapbooker, but have so fallen in love with digi that my poor paper scrapping desk is feeling lonely . I do still use my collection of supplies and tools for making cards and altered items - but I don't think I have actually made a paper layout in a year and a half .

    I've been scrapbooking for over 13 years and have done more digi layouts in the past year and a half than I have made paper layouts in those 13 years !

    (PS: I'm a smily and blinkie junky - I think they add a lot of expression to a forum post - so ' ' away!!)

  6. Yaaay Leslie... So glad you found us!

    Can't wait to get to know you better as I'm a big Michael's junkie too! Although now it's more for fun kids crafts and expensive magazines than scrapbooking stuff... I love the "tidy" statement! No more dragging out all the paper supplies and making the biggest mess while my munchkin can stick my very expensive little embellies to her plain typewriter paper!

  7. Hi to you too lovely to meet you both

    Melanie where did my smilys and blinkies go :-( I can't see them anymore ?
    oh and I adore your butterflies

    Debra my 13 year old munchkin loves my embellies too much as well so now she's having to learn digi too - either that or she inherits my total stash - I know which one she's after first though!!

    TwirlyJoy - I apologise I thought you were from the US too - no wonder you were up so early to reply to me> I'm having trouble working out what timezone everyone is on !!

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    Germantown, MD
    Hey girl, Welcome.
    I worked at Michaels for 6 years. Talk about addictions. I have a small Michaels in my closet. LOL

  9. What a dream job - our version of Michaels is really pathetic compared - If I were you I wouldn't have wanted to go home !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lillykins View Post
    TwirlyJoy - I apologise I thought you were from the US too - no wonder you were up so early to reply to me> I'm having trouble working out what timezone everyone is on !!
    Thats cool!! No problem at all - I think with the US/Canada 'ruling' the digiscrapping world, its quite normal to presume everyone is from over there! But there are a few of us Brit/Europeans out there!!

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