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Thread: Rar

  1. Rar

    Apologies if this is in the wrong place.

    I've been digiscrapping now for 2 months and have been downloading freebies from various places using WINZIP. I've now come across files with a RAR extension. Do I need something else to be able to download them please ?

    Thanks - doesn't really have anything to do with my request but it looked fun !!


  2. Hi - rar is another type of compressed file like zip. You need winrar to unzip them. I did see a free trail out there for 30 or 40 days ( don't remember which).

  3. Thanks so much - I'll go Google for it now - I'm assuming it works the same way and I don't need a degree to work it out !!

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    I just wanted to add my 2 cents... I download the winrar and find its better and faster the winzip. It zips all files and quickly too. I love it!

  5. Thanks Carol - excuse my ignorance but do I now need both WINZIP and WINRAR ?

  6. You can tell rar to unzip winzip files but......then it will change all zip files to rar files. If you uninstall rar it converts everything to web images instead of your oringinal files. If you reinstall rar it will convert the web images back to rar files. You can also just tell it not to read zip files if you want them left alone.

  7. ok so I'm safer keeping Zip as WinZip and Rar as Rar then - I think !!

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    My winzip unzips both.
    It's the newest version though.

  9. Maisie I love your photo !! I've just tried to down/up (whatever the term is) load today's freebie and it's sent me in the RAR and not given me a choice to chose - any idea how I can keep them separate ? I'm not sure if it's the new version it just says 40 day trial ? thanks

  10. I have Winrar 3.62 if that means anything to anyone ?

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