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Thread: how do i...

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    how do i...

    i'm new to using PSE for my digiscrapping and am trying to figure out how to blend a photo into the background page. alot like this page that i found in the gallery. can anyone explain to me how to do this? is it even possible to do in PSE? i'm using the 30-day trial right now of PSE 8 & am hoping to purchase the full version when my 30 days are up.

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    I am not too sure how much different PSE8 is, but I have PSE5! I use the blending options, pin light, soft light, overlay... like HERE. Mess with those. Sometimes I lower the opacity too. Also, you might have to do some erasing (using a brush) to get your edges blended well. Lowering your opacity of your brush helps too! Hope this helps!

    That is how I do it. Would love to hear if anyone else has a different way!!

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    Hi Britanee. On this layout it looks like they used a mask and only used part of the picture. Then perhaps they lowered the opacity. This is what I usually do and I use pse 7. BTW, if you've not considered taking the pse class here at GDS, you should. Lots to learn and the classes here are great. That's how I learned my way around PSE.

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    I'm fairly new to PSE myself, but one way to get this effect is to use the cookie cutter tool ... once you select the shape of the cookie cutter tool, select a "feather" of about 25 or 35% (you'll have to play with this until you get the desired look) ... feather is in the upper tool bar once you select the tool.

    Once you get the shape and feathering ... you can also play with the opacity of the picture, too.

    Good luck!

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    thanks for all the help everyone!

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    There is a tutorial on site. Go to the green bar at the top of the page, and click on Tutorials. Under Corel Paint Shop Pro, is listed a tut for blending the photo into the background. Click on it and you'll either download or view a PDF file for that technique. It's applicable to Photoshop and Elements as well as PSP.
    This particular method is only one way, Michaela, Anna, and Lisa have mentioned other methods. Experiment and use what's easy for you!

  7. Awesome tips, everyone! I'd forgotten about the cookie cutter tool!

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