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Thread: Preshades!

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    I have been going back and forth on whether to have a set of preshaded elements with my kits. I was wondering if anyone actually uses them? I prefer to do the shading myself on my pages, but as a designer I was curious to know if people actually use them or prefer to purchase kits with preshaded elements?

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    I definitely prefer things unshaded. I rotate and repeat, and put things at various angles depending on the LO, so I have to be able to do my own shadows. Thanks for asking!

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    I prefer unshaded, too. I never use the pre-shaded elements. Thanks for asking!

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    I know a designer who offers both in her kits .. you get the shaded and the not shaded elements. I prefer to shade my elements to give demention but I think that it is up to the scrapper. Everyone has different taste.

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    I prefer unshaded most definitely!!!

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    I have to put myself in the *unshaded* camp. With all the arranging and re~arranging the last thing I do is add shadows. It's just more work if I have to take the shadow off something first before I alter it. Hope that helps and I'm really appreciative that you've consulted us!

  7. I think most prefer unshadowed. I some times include a shadowed version of some elements if they are tricky to get the shading just so. Just in case.
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    I do mean having a non shadowed version with my kits too! Just wondering if it is a waste of time to add the shadowed versions of the elements if no one uses them!

    Thanks for all the replies!!!!

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    Of course, if you include an element with a special kind of shadow, say for a curled edge, or a curved paper, I'd want to have the preshadowed version that you designed into it.

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    Nonshaded for me , and not too much advertising as it only get deleted as it takes up space on the hard drive'

    regards maggie

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