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  1. I sincerely do find it easiest to use the "notes" annotation in Photoshop. I have always used this area for my layout credits because it was always available in PS when I first began using Version 7 several years ago up to now in CS4e. And it is always visible when you have your layout open.

    You can keep it closed and it minds its own business off to the side of your layout or wherever you decide to drag it. It is much easier to keep track of the PS note than a text file or notebook because it is actually attached to your layout. You can change the color and size of the note and font too. I usually use a pink note!

    If I have a ton of layouts that I am doing, I may use a .txt file on my desktop for easier access, but it has to be several different lo's that I am working on at the same time before I will start a .txt file up. My second option would be to use a text layer and hide the visibility.

    Experiment and see what suits your needs the best!!!
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