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    Layout Info/Credits

    After reading Dona's thread on how we are to fill out the *keyword* field and the *Products* field on our layout uploads, I'd been painstakingly making lists of everything used in the layouts (paper, elements, fonts, etc) so as to correctly give credit and post it properly.

    THEN I discovered Photoshop has a *comments* tool!! I now list what I use directly into the comment field. This does 2 things:

    1. gets rid of all the lists I make and
    2. records it on the layout so in a years time from now I'll know what I used and where it came from!

    I can go back now and see what I've done without having to guess where it came from, and it doesn't get printed either! The comments dialogue box is always on top of the layout so there's no going back and forth from window to window - just have to click on it to open/add something to the list. Easy Peasy!!

    I LOVE IT and thought some of you might find it handy too. I'm not sure if the other programs have this tool - sorry :( .
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    Where in photoshop did you find it? It does sound like a cool tool. I use photoshop elements....sometimes they have similar features.

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    I'm with Anna--I use PSE 7. If anyone knows if it has this feature I would love to know. That would be an awesome tool for sure.

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    I'm not sure if the other programs have it but this is what it looks like in CS3:
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  5. AWESOME tip, Lone! Thanks for sharing it!

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    Super tip, makes things so much easier!

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