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    out west...

    I am from Delta, BC (about 30 mins outside of Vancouver)

    Proud to be Canadian!!!

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    Jul 2007
    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    I am from Ontario...... Hamilton Here!

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    im used to be from hamilton, then we moved to burlington, then to barrie and now we are here in new brunswick

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    Hi there, I'm from London, Ontario. Anyone else?

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    Another Nova Scotian

    Quote Originally Posted by tzigane View Post
    Just had to put that.I am from Nova Scotia.I am half from the Equator and the North pole.Looking forward to meeting you.
    Hi there neighbor, nice to see other "down homers" scrappin...

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    I'm a Wendy in Canada too! I'm in Oakville!

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    Smile Hellllooooo :)

    Quote Originally Posted by mapsgirl View Post
    I'm a Wendy in Canada too! I'm in Oakville!
    Nice to meet you Wendy... How long have you been digiscrapping? Are you addicted like me

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    I haven't been doing it for too long. But I'm getting addicted really quickly!

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    Also from NS

    Hey there...I know where that is. I'm from an small town that is close to Port Hawkesbury, Cape Breton NS...we are on the mainland side of the causeway. It would be great to know someone else close to home that addicted to this hobby. It's my first post so I'm hoping that it'll be great getting to know people on this forum and learning new things from everyone.

    Thanks - Nancy

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    Oct 2007
    Montreal, Quebec


    I live in Montreal, in Quebec... i'm french (well half ) but i'm not that bad in english.

    Dawn I went to Port hope a few years back from 2 months.

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