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    Hi there, just cleaning my mail box and somehow I missed your reply Sorry. You said your from Edmonton, I am from Gibbons I'm new to digi scrapbooking too. I've been on the site since January but I'm still very new to digi scrapbbooking but I love it I' m finally learning all the amazing things that my pe5 can do. Wow your not very far away from me like 20 minutes. Maybe we can meet in person too.

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    Aug 2007
    B.C., Canada
    Hi there Grammaj and welcome to Go Digital Scrapping. I use PSE 4 and have PSE 6 in the box. It's a wonderful program for scrapping. If you have questions, just ask, some one will be able to help.

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    Born and raised in Springhill, Nova Scotia, now living in Kingston, Ontario, Where in Nova Scotia are you ?

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    They got it wrong. I'm from Fredericton, New Brunswick, not Nova Scotia but have been to "Anna Murray" country and also am familiar with Kingston as my daughter graduated from Queen's med school two years ago. I miss getting to visit Marchand's stamp and scrapbooking store! Lucky you!

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    I am very happy to meet you , I lived in NB for awhile . Dad was in the army once he let the coal mine's in Springhill, he was stationed in NB.

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    Jul 2007
    Winnipeg,MB. Canada
    Hello to everyone! I also live in Winnipeg & didn't realize their were so many other Winnipeggers here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dakota View Post
    Born and raised in Springhill, Nova Scotia, now living in Kingston, Ontario, Where in Nova Scotia are you ?
    near Shubenacadie. the wild life park is close by.

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    Aug 2008
    Ontario Canada


    Mornin' DigiScrappers!

    Scrubs' from Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario - affectionally and slangfully referred to as K-Dub.

    Home of RIM, Oktoberfest, The Perimeter Institute, 2 universities and a college, and a Tim Hortons on every street corner.

    Oh - and home of Scrub's pad too.

    Yep - guys scrap too. Cheers!

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    Hi everyone! I am from Quebec city. I am French but I promise I'm not too bad

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