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    Do you have pre-schoolers?

    Are you aware of the Elefun & Friends games? They were created for pre-schoolers to play with their family. They are fun games that let the kids move around and the focus is on having fun, not on rules which is great if your children are active.

    What games are you getting your little ones for the holidays?

  2. I have a 2 and a 3 year old, and so I got the traditional CandyLand, Chutes and Ladders, and an ABC memory game, and a manners card game.

    (alot of games, I know....we decided this year to only buy things that either foster family relationships or build life skills...I figured the games fit the bill either way, LOL)

    I'd love to hear if there are any more that people recommend! My kids play with the Elefun game at their church nursery and LOVE It!

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    I have a 3 and 4 year old and the only game that they have requested is Splashy the Whale...I saw the commercial once and saw that it spit water and decided it was not the toy for them but they had mentioned it to my Mom and she got it for them so we will see...

  4. My 4 yr. old likes The Very Hungry Caterpillar game-
    She also likes Pretty Pretty Princess but that one is hard to play as a family since her brother and dad don't like to play dress up :)

    We also have Yahtzee Jr. that she plays.
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    My dd is four and loves puzzles. she is collecting the fancy nancy puzzles right now. but i have also gotten some harder puzzles that she needs help with, and it gets my dh involved (who despises puzzles)

    She also plays some educational games on the computer -- we started with Toddler Reader Rabbit that she used at the library. Now she plays the Preschool / Kindergarten Reader Rabbit and new ones from the library every few weeks.

    She still plays with the Digital Arts Creative Studio too that she got last year and that is nice since it has it's own keyboard that you just plug into the USB drive. It has really built up her basic computer skills

    I opted not for Splashy the Whale either -- I envisioned water going everywhere. Good Luck -- maybe it can be a game at Grandma's House :)

  6. Ugh, water! My 3 and 6 year old already spread the water love. Everytime I put a new bottle of soap in the bathroom, they create a bubble kingdom...although not my preference, we've switched to bar soap in that bathroom except when guests come, LOL.

    The puzzles sound like fun! My kids love them!

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    Target had the Five Little Monkeys Jumping On the Bed game (could they come up with a longer name, lol?) on sale a few weeks ago, so I got that for Caden. He got Hungry Hungry Hippos for his birthday and loves it and is quite good at making 2 of them chomp at the same time :) But he is like Liz's DD and prefers puzzles more than anything. We have a lot of the Melissa & Doug jigsaw puzzles but he's mastered them. He still likes to do them, but I should probably be on the hunt for something a little more challenging.

  8. My DD will be 3 in January and LOVES puzzles. She is too advanced for those peg puzzles. We have been buying her 24 piece puzzles, but she masters putting them together super fast and gets bored with them really quick. I think we're going to have try her on puzzles for 5 year olds because the ones she has are for 3-5 and seem too easy for her.
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    mosser77 Hungry Hungry Hippos is part of the Elefun & Friends collection Glad Caden likes it, yeah j_camargo6 Elefun is a blast. It's great for helping kids practice their catching skills with something light and fun to play with.

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    We have a variety of games - Candyland, Memory (although with youngester - it is better to break the game into smaller sets), Don't Spill the Beans, and she is getting Ants in His Pants for Christmas. We also have various puzzles and other "thoughtful" toys (Legos, kitchen, dress-up box and dolls that just sit there and do nothing). I have a thing against toys that play for kids. Another great source for games and thinking toys (although they can be pricey) is Discover Toys.

    One game that DD loves right now is by Bloom and is called something like Sandwitch Stacker. It has all these pieces that could go on a sandwitch and then there is a spinner thingy that tells what type of piece to put on next. She uses the pieces for imaginary meals as well as to play the game.

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