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Thread: Newbie

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    Hey I am new but I know a thing or two haha. I am excited to join this community make some new friends and share and learn from this forum. So excited!!!

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    Dec 2007
    Belleville, Illinois
    Hello and welcome to GDS. Look forward to seeing your lo's in the gallery.

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    Welcome! Lots of fun things to do here. Join in on the challenges, and you'll meet people right away.

  4. Welcome to GDS! You'll find everyone to be super friendly and we have TONS of fun challenges for you to try out.
    Snag me ---->

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    Welcome to gds! Everyone here is fab so am sure you will feel at home soon :)

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    Apr 2009
    mid north coast Australia NSW
    welcome to this lovely place

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  8. Welcome! Make yourself at home, and holler if you need anything! Can't wait to see your art in the gallery :)

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    Aug 2008
    Northern Louisiana
    Welcome! I look forward to seeing your layouts in the gallery.

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    Wow that is some response!! HAHA you all made me feel so welcomed already. Maybe it is the holiday spirit or you all are just super sweet! Thank you I am excited to share lo's and jump into discussions, start discussions and make some friends here along the way.

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