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  1. Thanks, this is great!!!
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    Thanks so much for this site. Glad this page got resurrected. Somehow, I lost my winzip files, and they wanted me to pay $30 to reinstall it, so this site makes me very happy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helen View Post
    WOW!!!!!!! I just unzipped over a thousand files in about a half hour.

    The name of the freeware is Unzip ThemAll.

    I had heard of it, but had not tried it. I tested and tested, and so far - works great for me.

    One tip - put zip and rar files in separate folders. When you are unzipping a batch of zip files (for example), if there are rar files in the folder, the job stops with an error code message (when it comes up to an rar file) and you have to click ok to continue. When I moved the rar files to another folder, things sailed through. And then when I did my rar files in separate folders, it breezed through them too.

    What I did tonight, would have taken me WEEKS or MONTHS to go through.
    Helen, Thank you so much for this tip. I had some rar files and didn't know how to unzip them. It takes me a long time to unzip using the utility on Windows. This will save me soooo much time. Thank you!!!

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    Wow, I'm gonna have to check this one out!!! Thanks so much for the tip!!!

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    I just unzipped 371 files at the same time into separate folders using good old Windows Explorer file manager and Winrar ver 3.8 which is intergrated into the right click menu... no problems...but the freeware sounds good for those who don't have WinRar :)
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    This is awesome! You just saved me so much time!

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    This will be such a help. Thanks!

  8. Thanks so much for the tip!!! it will save me lots of time
    MAria from Venezuela

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    This will be so helpful. Thanks!

  10. Thanks for the link! I've been looking for one of these! :)

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